Lawyers deserve to do lawyer-y things and make it home in time for dinner. 

“The average utilization rate for law firms this year was 31%, which means the average lawyer spent only 2.5 hours on billable work each day...The impact of utilization on firm revenue can’t be understated. High utilization rates indicate that firms are able to bring in more business, and that lawyers are more focused on performing billable work. Boosting productivity per lawyer was at least as important as adding more lawyers to the firm."

Clio - 2019 Legal Trends Report

VoIP phone services for law firms.

Corvum for Clio Integration

We’ve created a call time-tracking system that integrates directly with Clio. The timer starts when your client says “Hello” and ends when you hang up. Just add a few notes for reference and—ta da!—it’s logged. Your call time is associated with a specific matter, and you can bill accordingly.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

No more handing out your personal cell phone number to clients! Stay mobile while using your business number. When clients call your Corvum business number, your cell phone will ring - so you can take calls anytime, anywhere.

Refreshingly Personal Customer Service

Is it possible to provide the flexibility of cloud-based services alongside reliability, safety, and responsive hands-on support with legitimate smiles? Doggone right it is! We’ve got a sizeable team of kind, considerate, and really smart tech geeks who are constantly innovating and pushing the edge of what’s possible

"Corvum stands out from the crowded marketplace
that we're in, because we legitimately care about our customers. When our customers call us, humans answer the phone. We always have a human answering the phone, you never get voicemail."


Jason Baumer
Cofounder, CORVUM

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 "One of the tools lawyers love using is Clio.  We’ve decided to integrate with Clio, so that the practice management system already in use is seamlessly integrated with their phone system from Corvum: the lawyer doesn’t have to worry about learning and using a different tool."

Graham Nelson-Zutter
Cofounder, CORVUM

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Your data entry days are over. We keep track of your client calls - so you don't have to.









We're a tech company that knows lawyers.

The bulk of our clients are lawyers. Heck, even our families are full of lawyers! We've been working with the legal community for years to create and roll out communication solutions that helps lawyers like you stay ahead in a mach-speed world without sacrificing your valuable time. In fact, we add time back. For real. That's why we have also made it super breezy to get started. You can keep your existing phone services - the Corvum for Clio integration just works like that. If you like, you can later expand to our full-featured phone services. Yes!

"Corvum provides us with excellent VoIP service, amazing support, and a hosted solution that enables us to securely connect our offices from coast to coast!"

Zoran Komljenovic

IT Manager | Ecojustice

"The customer service and VoIP product provided by Corvum is excellent. Solid dependability, extremely responsive staff and a host of options that have helped our organizations efficiency greatly. If you’re looking to implement VOIP, Corvum is highly recommended!"

Charles Coleman

IT Manager | MacLean Law

"We recently upgraded to Corvum and we are very happy that we made the switch. The customer service is exceptional. [They are] very professional and great to deal with, we highly recommend Corvum."

Jenna Berry
Paralegal and Office Manager | Hayward Sheppard Barristers & Solicitors

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