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Core Voice Features

Auto Attendant with Custom Greetings

Welcome callers with custom greetings and connect them to the correct person or department via easy-to-use voice response menu options. Upload your own HD recordings (MP3/WAV), or update greetings directly over the phone. Breezy! Make a professional impression, guide callers effortlessly, while saving time and money. Need alternate greetings for in-office hours and out-of-office hours? You can do that too. And it's all included!

Conference Room (Bridge)

With a conference room you can hold larger meetings with people from multiple locations. All callers simply dial into the room and input the special PIN number. This is a very effective way to optimize large scale communications for better collaboration - and you only pay for what you actually use. Far more cost-effective, efficient and timely than business travel!

Fax (Email-to- Fax / Fax-to-Email / Virtual Fax)

Faxing in the cloud means no more sorting through giant piles of paper. Send and receive faxes easily, and save them digitally in the right folders, right away. Outbound faxes are automatically sent to your recipients email inbox as PDF files which include the date, time and caller ID. Inbound faxes are also received as PDF files in your email inbox with all the same pertinent identifying information. Save trees and your sanity!

Hot Desking

With hot desking you can float phones between team members whenever you wish. Log into any other business phone or device and your specific extensions and profile settings will follow. Talk about malleability. No need to unplug your previous phone and move it to another part of the office. Just sit down at your new desk and your personalized settings will already be set up on the new phone as if by teleportation. Desk space: the final frontier. Nerd alert!

Presence (BLF / Busy Lamp Field)

Call presence lets you monitor the phone status of your team members. If someone is on a call, you will know it. Direct clients to other extensions so no important client calls go unanswered. Increase efficiency between team members as you will immediately know whether it is a good time to swing by their office for a tête-à-tête.

Speed Dial

Speed dial helps you connect to your priority clients and contacts more efficiently. Set up your SIP phone’s programmable keys to dial out with the push of a button.


With voicemail-to-email all voicemail messages are automatically forwarded to your email inbox as mp3 attachments. To avoid the constant maintenance of your voicemail inbox, simply go to settings and choose to have all voicemails automatically deleted after they are forwarded to you. Breezy!

Call Recording

With call recording securely record specific calls and the recordings will be automatically sent as an MP3 attachment to your email inbox.  Have an important client call and want to go back over what was discussed at a later time? Nothing is more accurate than a recording! This also gives you the freedom to focus more closely on the conversation, because you can update your notes later. Being detail oriented as usual, and less stressed out. Yay!

Custom On Hold Messages

Keep clients informed while they are on hold with custom messages. Upload your own HD recordings (MP3/WAV), or record messages easily over the phone. Give callers important information such as upcoming holiday hours.

HD Voice Quality

HD Voice typically delivers at least twice the sound range of traditional landline phone calls. Whoa. We know how important those client calls are. Being able to hear the person on the other end of the conversation with crystal clarity means optimal comprehension. Taking a large scale conference call? Having an increased ability to differentiate between who is talking at any given moment is hugely important for effective collaboration. You hear what we’re saying? Winky face.


Use our intercom feature to make quick announcements to other team members. Need to let a team member know their 4 o’ clock has arrived? Or that someone sent them flowers! Nice. This feature enables you to make quick announcements to any local extension.

Ring Groups

Ring groups lets you add multiple users and/or devices to a single call route. You can choose to have designated phones ring simultaneously, or sequentially depending on your firm’s preferences. Once a call is picked up by someone in the group the ringing stops. We understand how important it is that client calls are answered in a timely fashion. Ring groups can help your firm be responsive.

Three-Way Calling

Three-way calling means you can connect your team and/or external contacts for better collaboration. Need to join a call that is already in progress, or leave a call intact when your participation is no longer needed. Three-way calling gives your firm the flexibility to connect the way that works best for you.

Conference (Three-Way Calling)

Conference makes it easy to take calls with as many local extensions as you have in your firm. Simply dial an extension, press hold and then ‘conference’ and continue to dial the local extensions you wish to add to the call. This works really well for smaller team chats. You can host a conference room for larger groups with our burstable lines.

Directory (Dial-by-Name)

Create a custom internal directory whereby your firm can search and dial other team members by first and last name. Super intuitive dialing enables faster connections for increased efficiency.

Hold Music

Holding calls is sometimes necessary, especially at busy firms. We have classic and custom options so you can choose just what is right for your firm. By default, callers on hold will hear royalty free HD-quality classical music. Or you can choose to upload your own custom HD recordings, or record special messages that play in lieu of music. Feel like switching it up based on the season, or upcoming needs? We love options as much as you do. Keep your clients entertained with music while they wait.

PA (Broadcast)

Make announcements to multiple team members, the whole office, or even multiple office locations. Efficient communication makes us happy too. “Doughnuts in the breakroom everybody! Don’t worry - we got gluten free ones too.” Or to let them know everyone is ready for that big meeting in the boardroom.

Shared Line Appearance (Group BLF)

Shared line appearance allows multiple SIP phones to see incoming calls and selectively retrieve calls as they ring. This feature means priority callers are less likely to end up in voicemail. Programmable keys allow for easy call pickup so multiple team members are able to assess whether a call should be picked up right away. Your firm doesn’t have to miss potential leads or leave important clients on hold for too long.

Voicemail (VM)

Voicemail boxes can be added for each individual extension or shared between multiple team members. Whatever your firms’ specific needs, we can customize. With visual voicemail, team members can also easily forward voicemails to each others’ mailboxes. For those busy times when you can’t answer the phone.


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