Co-founders, and longtime friends, Jason Baumer and Graham Nelson-Zutter have deployed and operated VoIP infrastructure together for a combined total of over 26 years.. and they still like each other. Cool, right? From the very beginning, they were precocious yet amiable tech disruptors, who stood out amongst the field of generic VoIP service providers.


When it became clear that their products and services appealed specifically to the legal sector, the duo launched Corvum: niche cloud-based communications designed to serve the evolving legal tech landscape. The end goal: happy lawyers.


Building upon the strength of its well-established core services, Corvum endeavours to continuously hone transformative tools to empower lawyers, boutique, and full-service firms to better serve their clients - and to help themselves. Basically: intuitive communication magic. And lots of it.

Our solutions are sensible, easy to adopt, and quick to learn. This means that lawyers can focus on advocating for their clients, rather than beating their heads against walls over lost billable hours and other time-consuming minutiae. 


Our service runs in three privately-owned Canadian data centers - not on outsourced cloud infrastructure - which ensures confidentiality, security and data privacy.  Lawyers also experience exceptional call quality, refreshingly personal customer service, and bespoke features designed specifically for law firms.


Is it possible to provide the flexibility of cloud-based services alongside reliability, safety, and responsive hands-on support with legitimate smiles? Doggone right it is! We do it all the time.

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